2017 National Forum in Pittsburgh

What: STC’s Annual National Forum: Real World Learning for the 21st Century
Wednesday, May 10 & Thursday, May 11
University Pittsburgh & various local partners
Register @ STCForum2017.eventbrite.com

Hosted by STC Pittsburgh, the 2017 Forum will focus on Real-World Learning for the 21st Century.

Our education system today is designed to prepare students for futures of the past. By some estimates, 65% of today’s students will one day work in careers that do not yet exist. This antiquated system maintains the status quo, resulting in disengaged students, disheartening high school and college graduation rates, and distressing youth unemployment rates.

However, there is a bright path forward: Real-World Learning for the 21st Century. In a recent survey, 4 of 5 high school dropouts said they might have stayed in school if there were “more opportunity for real-world learning and… experiential learning.” By providing students with exposure to different opportunities and experiences that enable them to develop their passions, and by helping them develop a diverse set of relevant skills and apply them in the real world, we can ensure that students are invested in their education now and are empowered to successfully choose and pursue a fulfilling postsecondary pathway.

Forum sessions include:

  • Defining and Supporting Real-World Learning
  • Ensuring Access and Opportunity: Culturally Relevant Real-World Learning
  • The Intersection of Education and Workforce Development
  • Real-World Learning in the Elementary Grades
  • Defining Success for Students and Schools

Attendees will also visit innovative schools and organizations like City Charter High School, the Energy Innovation Center, the Children’s Museum, and the Environmental Charter School, and can participate in a tour of the Warhol Museum.


If you will be traveling for the Forum, click here for information about accommodations.