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Posted by on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 11:04 am

St. Martin De Porres High School Celebrates Black History Month

There comes a time when we have to remember the history that made this country what it is today. Many dates throughout the year remark the incredible service and progressive changes that have made us all better as a people. In February, we look back at the tremendous African Americans who made life an improved state for future generations. We are all forever grateful for the difficult steps they took for equality which is something that seemed so impossible long ago. Educating our young ones about the groundbreaking changes they’ve made to society can enlighten and give them the opportunity to appreciate it.

St. Martin De Porres High School knows how to show their students gratitude for what happened here years ago. They have two major events during Black History Month. A prayer service is first held for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Principal Michael Odiotti says Reverend Maxey from the local Baptist Church in Waukegen, IL comes to speak with his students to recollect the famous civil equality fight he made for his country, his howling spirit and how the results of his work “lives on in the work of our students.”Then on Feb. 15, families come to meet with teachers and gather together for a meal in the community as they remember the spirit of MLK and cherish Black History Month.

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