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Posted by on Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 3:38 pm

Global Leadership Academy Earns Accreditation from AdvancED

The Global Leadership Academy has gained accreditation from AdvancED. Out of the four accreditation programs of System Accreditation, Post-secondary Accreditation, School Accreditation and Corporation and Distance Learning Accreditation, the Pennsylvania K – 8 Charter school has received School Accreditation. GLA CEO Dr. Naomi Booker states that AdvancED examined the school for three days on their planning, curriculum, and school operations.

“It has truly been an informative process; it’s like getting an exclamation point for what we have been doing,” Booker continued. “It also allows us to continue to improve our operations. The [accreditation] is an ongoing program, and every year we will do a mini-review to make sure we’re addressing the standards, and AdvancED will come in and review again in five years.”

Global Leadership Academy is the first school in the area to achieve this under the stern regulations of AdvancED. Booker states that it is normally optional for charter schools, but she believes that it was essential for GLA. “To have someone come in, an outside professional entity, and say, ‘Yes, this school is financially sound, curriculum is good and its board of governance is good,’ is very crucial, and those things are very important.”


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