What We Do

Schools That Can (STC) has taken on the mission of ensuring 150,000 students attend high-performing schools in 20 cities by 2020.


By growing quality education for the 21st century in urban schools, we can reach tipping points in each city and nationwide creating quality education as a norm for all students, regardless of income level.

Pathways for Growing Quality Seats in Urban Education


1. Support and grow high-performing schools by building a collaborative network of district, charter, and independent schools using peer-to-peer learning to accelerate student achievement.

Our school validation process is aligned to new Common Core standards and ensures the reliability of our 86 cross-sector Member schools to provide peer modeling for our high-potential Partner schools and Collaborating schools.

2. Accelerate high-potential schools into high-performing schools by facilitating partnerships and optimizing use of our methodologies such as roundtables, study tours, consultancies, coaching, mentorships, and effective practice sharing.

In 2012, 250 STC school leaders and teachers participated in 112 STC professional development events, and our yearly Forum engaged 400 school leaders and teachers in 2013 at one national symposium on urban education.

3. Equip students and school leaders with 21st century skills to prepare students for success in college and jobs of the future. We focus on providing partnership opportunities to enhance students’ 21st century skills throughout their education journey.

In 2013, we launched our first Summer STEM camp scholarship program with i2 Camp in NYC, Newark, & Boston that resulted in $167K worth of scholarships for STC students with plans to expand this tremendous opportunity to 10 cities by Summer 2014. A collaboration with West Point resulted in 40 seats for STC students in the Fall 2014 entering class.