Our Volunteer Leaders

STC establishes Regional Councils comprised of local leaders who volunteer their time to facilitate network impact and engagement.

Regional Councils (RC) build, organize, and support the STC network by committing to a diverse range of responsibilities. These include:

  • Manage the recruitment of local Member and Parter schools and their application process
  • Determine the criteria for Partner schools to join the network and develop an Improvement Plan for each admitted Partner school
  • Observe, understand, and capture effective practices within our schools
  • Work alongside network schools to ensure collaboration across sectors and performance levels
  • Institute a targeted, sustainable set of collaborative strategies to further develop the strengths of each school and overcome their challenges
  • Commit to a core of proven strategies such as Roundtables, Study Tours, Case Studies and Problem-Solving, School Branding/Fundraising, and Leadership Coaching
  • Seek quality education partnership opportunities
  • Export successful initiatives to other STC cities; Import initiatives that can work and have been proven successful in other cities

  • Get the most up to date progress from the Regional Councils on our blog.

    Meet Our Regional Councils:

    Boston, MA

    Chicago, IL

    Cleveland, OH

    Indianapolis, IN

    Los Angeles, CA

    Milwaukee, WI

    Newark, NJ

    New York, NY

    North Carolina

    Philadelphia, PA

    Pittsburgh, PA

    San Francisco, CA

    St. Louis, MO

    Washington DC/Baltimore, MD