Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School

Charles Tindley Accelerated School


3960 Meadows Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205



Marcus C. Robinson – Chancellor & CEO
T: (317) 545-1745
F: (317) 547-4415

What We Stand For:

The Charles A. Tindley Acclerated School is a public charter school that welcomed its first students in 2004. Charter schools thrive because they can focus on a singular mission. School leaders act as educational entrepreneurs who respond to student needs and quickly implement any necessary changes. Charter schools also have a high level of accountability, providing yearly reports and being comprehensively reviewed on an annual basis.

Tindley’s charter was granted because of its mission to adopt the accelerated school model to ensure that all its students pursue a degree at a selective college or university. Accelerated Schools PLUS is a national movement to transform school communities by applying gifted and talented teaching strategies, traditionally reserved for only the top 5% of students, to all students.

Students enter Tindley at different grade levels, but all students pursue a college preparatory track. We know that might be intimidating, especially if a student has struggled academically. That is why we commit all available resources to assisting each student in addressing any academic deficits or challenges.

We ask our students and families to do whatever it takes to reach this goal; we commit to always do the same.

Effective Practices:

Going to a selective college of university is the motivation that drives students from their first sixth grade class. Ask Tindley students why they are there and the response will be immediate and emphatic: College.

Every day students study mathematics for two hours and humanities, which includes language arts and history, for two hours. They also take the other classes in the sciences and fine arts necessary to prepare them for the high school curriculum. Teachers focus on writing skills in all classes.

There’s no denying that the first months at Tindley can be challenging for students and parents. Few schools demand so much from sixth grade students. But with each new class we are impressed by how students rise to these increased expectations. Many of them were previously bored in class and did not perform at their level of ability. Others struggled in their previous school and now respond enthusiastically to the assistance they’re given to succeed.

As one parent describes her daughter’s experience, “Whatever it takes, Tindley students and teachers are in it to win.”

Recent Accomplishments:

Tindley students are scholars. They are treated as scholars and they view themselves as scholars. They know that knowledge is strength and they embrace the challenge to gain that knowledge and excel among their peers.

Tindley student efforts have received acclaim locally, statewide and nationally for their efforts.

* Tindley received the National EPIC Award from the United States Department of Education—one of seven charter middle schools to receive this honor.
* The Indiana Department of Education honored Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School for exhibiting exceptional performance as a Distinguished Title I School in the category of closing the achievement gap between students in poverty and their wealthier peers.
* The Indiana State Board of Education honored Tindley as a model site for Early College programs in the State of Indiana.
* The Indiana Department of Education presented Charles A. Tindley with Four Star School status which placed Tindley in the top 25% of public schools in the State of Indiana.