STC works with innovative partners to advance real-world learning across schools and to ensure that students are equipped to fulfill their potential and have access to options that will enrich their lives both in and beyond school. 






Real-World Learning | Teacher training, summer and afterschool programs, and curricul1 that fosters 21st century competencies and STEAM skills through projects, making, challenges, and inquiry.

  • STC Maker Fellows Program (MakerState)
  • Immersive STEM courses during the summer and school year (i2 Camp, i2 Learning)
  • Workshops and resources (SOLE CLE, Remake Learning)


College & Career Access & Success | Curriculum and supports for students that equip them with relevant skills and offer a pathway to college completion and careers.

  • Career Skills Program (180 Skills)
  • Alternative college options (College For America, NYU SPS)
  • Advocacy for validation of innovative e2e solutions (America Forward)


Awards & Scholarships | The RFK Urban Education Awards recognize excellent character in students, teachers, and school leaders. Scholarships connect students to opportunities not otherwise available, from summer programs to support for college.

Innovative Schools | Schools that serve more affluent communities and are on the cutting edge of innovation in education collaborate with the STC network to spread real-world learning and help build the capacity of schools that may have fewer resources and serve students with higher needs.

  • Montour School District (Pittsburgh, PA)