Career Pathways Programs

Schools That Can helps high schools build Career Pathway programs that align to Career & Technical Education (CTE) standards. Our goal is for students to graduate with tangible technical skills, cross-career competencies, and industry experience and certifications that position them to secure and succeed in middle- and high-skill careers, and/or post-secondary education. As part of the Career Pathway Program, students benefit from industry mentors, site visits, guest speakers, and internships. Finally, STC seeks to form partnerships with local colleges and universities to offer college credit options. With these opportunities, students will be poised to obtain living wage positions, providing direct pathways into the middle class, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

“When I first started with the Schools That Can program, I was more focused on like sports, but as I got more into high school, it made me think – wow, I like the things that are going on… In the advanced manufacturing class that I take now, it’s something different than I had ever did before, and I know that when I go to college I can have a head start”

Abdullah H., West Side HS

“I like having the opportunity to go on field trips, learn about new companies and organizations, and being taught skills I’ll need in the future.”

Jaevon L., West Side HS

“Being introduced to new lessons and working in groups helped my social skills.”

Student, West Side HS

“STC’s Career Skills has been wonderful for West Side. The students have been exposed to many careers in manufacturing thanks to STC.”

Derrick Tandy, Teacher, West Side HS


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