Cultural Relevance PLG (Newark)

When: Wednesday, March 15 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
What: Monthly session of educators from several Newark schools who are working collaboratively to address the challenge of increasing cultural relevance in their schools
Where: Link Community Charter School, 23 Pennsylvania Ave., Newark, NJ
Who: Teams of K-12 educators from 5 Newark schools

STC Newark’s Cultural Relevance PLG is using improvement science to answer the question, “How might we improve our school processes, policies, and culture to be more culturally relevant to our students, families, and community?” Teams began meeting in October and, after identifying root causes against and potential drivers for increasing cultural relevance in their schools, are now in the process of implementing new practices and interventions to make positive change in their schools this spring.

Email Erin Sweeney ([email protected]) for more info