Bridging the Education to Employment (e2e) Gap

STC’s Bridging the Education to Employment (e2e) Gap program brings together high schools, students, and employers to prepare local youth for college and the workforce. The e2e Gap program connects high school staff with representatives from local companies to encourage partnerships and bring real-world application of learning to classrooms and beyond. The program offers students the opportunity to develop resumes and cover letters, participate in mock interviews, and spend a day at a local company, building their social capital, experiences, skills, and exposing themselves to new interests.

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“The two years I have spent being a part of this program hosted by Schools That Can has had a big impact on my life. As I go to college this fall I will be comfortable knowing I will be prepared to not only do resumes and cover letters but how to interact with people I meet from different professions and how to build lasting relationships and for this I will forever be grateful.”

Student, Newark

“This program is like no other ! I have gained useful professional development skills that will remain with me for a lifetime. The amount of effort and dedication from The Schools That Can Organization and the corporate partners is heartwarming. I’m glad to have gotten he chance to be apart of this program, before I head off to the next phase of my life: college”

Student, Newark

“I learned that it was a good thing that I knew what field of work I wanted to work in was. I also learned that it’s also fine if I explore other fields of work I would possibly be interested in. Finally I learned that it’s important to give back to the places that raised you.”

Student, Newark

“I’ve learned the essentials of learning to work with people from different backgrounds. Also how to effectively and professionally incorporate who you are as a person into how well you excel in your career. Last but not least, I’ve learned that even when times get rough, you shouldn’t give up because in most cases there are people that can help you.”

Student, Newark

“The program impacted me with giving me the opportunity to seeing my future. When I went to Berkeley College I felt extremely welcomed by staff AND students. I participated in twice classes and worked along side with staff. I loved the College and wished I can relive that day. I feel like Berkeley is the College for me and I thank Schools That Can for giving me the opportunity”

Student, Newark

“This program has had a positive impact on my life because it was a huge confidence booster. I was surrounded by people who shared the same outlook on my community and honestly worked for the greater good of others.”

Student, Newark


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