Project Description

Agyei Tyehimba

Program Facilitator, NYC

Agyei Tyehimba is an educator, writer, poet, and community organizer from Harlem, New York. He began teaching in 1997, and from then to the present, he taught at the middle, high school and college levels. He is also the bestselling author of five books, and a respected thought leader in the areas of education, activism, and community organizing.

In 2000, he and two colleagues created a middle school named Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy (KAPPA M.S. 215). In 2012, Agyei created his own consulting business, providing public speeches, consultation for community organizations, and creating workshops and materials for afterschool programs.

Agyei Tyehimba earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Syracuse University, a Master’s degree in Africana Studies from Cornell University, and a Master’s degree in Afro-American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In his spare time, Agyei plays chess, listens to music, writes poetry, watches movies, and spends quality time with friends and family.