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Project Description

LaTanya Hutsona

PLC Program Manager

LaTanya comes to STC as a previous K-12 STEM educator and consultant in various private, public and charter schools and education non-profits throughout Chicago. She has designed and implemented multiple science-based curriculums for middle- and high-school classrooms. She has designed K-12 programming that included students building mini-working models of homes incorporating electrical, structural, mechanical, and environmental engineering. In her free time, she designs and implements middle school science labs and real world projects through a program called HighJump. LaTanya is an alumnus of The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where she studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Spanish, and studied abroad in Costa Rica and outside of her studies, taught English to adults and children. She is a previous research fellow for ETS headquarters in Princeton, NJ where she conducted and presented her research on educational programs throughout the east coast.