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Our signature Building Real-World Learning program, the STC Maker Fellows Program, provides K-8 teachers with training, curriculum, resources, and support to facilitate STEM-focused “makerspaces” in their schools. Implemented in partnership with MakerState, our maker programs empower teachers with a hands-on approach they and their students can apply to real world STEM challenges. Students build real-world STEM skills like programming, circuit design and debugging. Students also develop transferable skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and persistence.

In 2017, STC was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to lead the Maker Partnership Program in conjunction with MakerState and the Research Alliance for New York City Schools. The program is implementing and evaluating the use of maker pedagogy to integrate computer science and computational thinking into elementary science classrooms. From 2018-2020, we will be studying how to best support teachers as they help students leverage technology to solve problems, while also considering how to expand and scale this program.

“What i like the most in makerspace is creating different and fun projects because you get to learn about computers in a fun way”

Student, 5th Grader

“This program has helped me facilitate a student-centered environment where students are in control of their learning and supportive of one another.”

Teacher, STC Maker Fellow

“What I liked the most was being able to create different,cool and fun games because you get to make your imagination come to life.”


“I want to learn how to make my own projects. At first I thought it was cool, then I thought, wow this is amazing. You got to make more than just your own projects, you got to make mini-maps. You get to make your own adventure, even change the scenes.”

Student, 5th Grader

“Instead of having a teacher centered classroom, I’ve shown students how to use computers to find answers to their many questions and to use computers to design creative projects that demonstrate their ELA skills.”

Teacher, STC Maker Fellows


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