The Transforming Learning Collaborative

Our network schools are deeply committed to equitably preparing all students for a diverse and changing world. The Real-World Learning Leadership Academy is designed to connect schools across the country who are grappling with how best to advance Real World-Learning practices so they can learn from and with each other.  Specifically, during the Academy, educators learn directly from their peers how to integrate practices aligned with our Real-World Learning Rubric, such as: project-based learning, mastery-based grading, forming industry partnerships, and publicly sharing authentic student work.

The inaugural Academy was hosted by the Da Vinci Schools in Los Angeles in 2016 and MC2 STEM High School hosted our 2017 conference in Cleveland. In 2018, STC joined forces with the Da Vinci Schools and Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) to form the Transforming Learning Collaborative (TLC), which will house the next iteration of our Real-World Learning Academy. In October 2018, the TLC hosted the inaugural Transforming Learning Conference, which included two days of peer-led workshops. The Conference also served as the launchpad for the Transforming Learning Incubator, a year-long program that supports teams in designing new programs or redesigning learning experiences in existing schools. Both the Conference and Incubator are designed by educators, for educators. 

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“The visual opportunities, job-embedded training, extensive collaboration and networking [were great].We are developing a PD and timeline [to apply our learning].”

Estella Stephens, Educational Solutions Company

“[The Academy] provided us time to think outside of our daily grind on big picture topic(s) and begin to plan for the future. I also have begun to think about mastery-based grading and have a better and more positive thought process about it!”

Angela Welch, City Charter High School

“[I liked] getting the time to plan and move through the process, and speak with experts.”

Matt Fasana, Sullivan High School
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