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Holy Family School


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Susan Work – President
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Susan Work, President:

What We Stand For:

“In partnership with Chicago’s low-income communities, we provide safe havens where children and adults learn, grow spiritually, find hope, and broaden life skills.”
(June, 2005)

Holy Family’s mission is to nurture the healthy social, academic, physical, and spiritual development of Chicago children and youth. Equipped with intellectual curiosity, competitive academic skills, confidence, health and faith, the children in Holy Family’s care will thrive socially and academically. Holy Family School alumni will access top-performing high schools and the colleges of their choice. As adults, they will make positive contributions in their communities, churches, and families.

The school and youth development programs operated by Holy Family Ministries are open to all who enroll, and offered “first-come, first-served,” without regard to religion, race, previous academic achievement, or ethnicity.

Effective Practices:

Holy Family students are the Go-Getters because they learn to “go get” what they need to succeed. Factors in our success are:

• Small class size

• Focus on competency in core subjects of reading, mathematics, social studies, language arts, science, and technology, supplemented by weekly
instruction in art, music, and physical education

• Emphasis on problem-solving skills

• Guidance to help students become self-directed learners

• School-wide character education to teach respect for self, other students, teachers and parents

• A goal to discover and celebrate each child’s unique skills and talents

• Bible study and chapel services to connect students with God’s message of hope

• Coaching from trained professionals to develop good decision-making skills

• Safe and secure environment

• Go-Getter attitudes: positive, ambitious hardworking, hopeful and honorable

• Generous tuition assistance for EVERY student

Recent Accomplishments:

In 2008, Holy Family Ministries completed a $6.7M campaign to construct its new facility, the Holy Family Ministries Center, in North Lawndale. From this 45,000 square foot, state-of-the-art home, HFM provides educational and cultural opportunities for children living in Chicago’s low-income, west side neighborhoods. Total project cost was $9.3 million.

The Center enables HFM to expand services to

* Provide a permanent home for Holy Family School, ending two decades of renting inadequate space in aged buildings, enabling increase in enrollment up to 280 K-8 students;
* Provide space for Holy Family’s out-of-school youth development: the after-school program and Adventures In Learning summer camp;
* Provide space for a new, 55-student preschool and child care center, Little Learners Academy;
* Provide a facility that serves the adult community through evening and weekend availability for community meetings, special events, job training, and adult education programs.

Staff Awards

Leslie Hunter was honored with the Wheat Ridge Ministries Emerging Leader award in February, 2010. Ten years ago, Wheat Ridge granted the original gift enabling Holy Family to hire Leslie as Chaplain and after school program leader. They’ve been watching his development ever since!

Khalilah Worley received the Illinois Humane Society Bright Star Award in October, 2009. The Bright Star Award recognizes rising young leaders in the Illinois non-profit community.

Cheryl Collins, Principal, received two national awards: the National Distinguished Principal Award from the US Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary Principals, and the Principal of the Year award from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), in 2008.

Pastor Charles Infelt was presented a “Seeds of Hope” award by Wheat Ridge Ministries at a special awards dinner in February, 2007, in recognition of his 30-year ministry of “seeding hope” in the Cabrini Green community.

Pastor Infelt was also awarded the Amicus Certus (“True Friend”) award by Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) in 2004.

Holy Family School

In January, 2009, the school received accreditation underscoring the quality of Holy Family’s educational programs by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA-CASI.). Prior to the move into the new facility the school lacked adequate physical amenities as required for this designation.

Holy Family School’s enrollment increased by about 30% in 2008. The additional space in the new facility made this possible.

In 2008, Holy Family started the mentoring program to assist 8th graders with navigating the high school placement process. Mentors are young professionals who work one on one with students for the year prior to graduation. Students and mentors work together on selecting schools and on timely completion of high school and scholarship applications.
Little Learners Academy (LLA)

A new program, Little Learners Academy preschool, was added in 2008. The academy offers a curriculum and high quality care to 50 3- and 4-year olds.

The highly competitive Preschool for All contract from the State of Illinois was awarded in 2008 and 2009.

Hope Alive After School Program

In 2008, the West Side program grew by over 70 % and today serves 100 children.

Adventures In Learning Summer Program

Another new program, Adventures In Learning, was added in 2008. This summer camp is structured as 2 four-week, full-day sessions centered around the principals of Kwanzaa.

The Holy Family Ministries Center won the award for Chicago’s best real estate project under $10M in 2008 from the Chicago Building Congress. The project was a result of the joint efforts of FGM Architects, W. B. Olson Inc., and Holy Family Ministries.

The NEAIA Built Award was granted to Holy Family Ministries and FGM Architects in October 2009. This award was made based solely on the merit of the design. “This project is refreshing; nicely done through a good use of color, materials and massing,” were some of the comments from the jury, who also appreciated the recall of African textiles. “Shows how much you can do with a simple plan.”