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St. Louis

STC St. Louis works with a network of cross-sector schools that are committed to sharing practices and advancing real-world learning.

What We Do

STC ST. Louis is working to bring more real-world learning to schools across the region through programs like our Professional Learning Group and community-wide events. Additionally, we partner with a number of local organizations to connect educators to each other and to the community.

Our Programs

Our Events

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Our Schools

  • City Garden Montessori
  • Gateway STEM High School
  • Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls
  • Jennings School District
  • La Salle Middle School
  • Loyola Academy
  • Marian Middle School
  • North/South County Technical School
  • St. Cecilia

Special St. Louis Initiatives

ReversED Pitch

STC St. Louis partners with ConnectEd Learning and the Venture Cafe to provide educators with a platform for sharing their challenges and seeking solutions from local leaders. We run these events several times each year.

For more information, email [email protected].

Contact STC St. Louis

Lorna Kurdi – [email protected]
Regional Director