What We Do

Schools That Can (STC) reimagines education through real-world learning that closes the opportunity and skills gap.

We work with an extensive cross-sector network of urban schools to enhance and expand real-world learning opportunities for low-income students in order to revitalize the education to employment pathway and ensure young people are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Working with a Council of school leaders and education and employment experts, STC published the Real-World Learning Rubric to outline core elements of Real-World Learning. This rubric provides a foundation for all of our work with schools.

STC programs:

  • EMPOWER LEADERS to grow schools grounded in Real-World Learning,
  • DEVELOP TEACHERS skills to facilitate rigorous, relevant, and hands-on learning, and
  • ENGAGE STUDENTS in learning experiences that promote career interests, exposures, and skill development.

A Pervasive Problem

Though recent years have shown increases across the country in high school graduation rates, we are still failing to effectively prepare young people for successful futures. Proven models and creative innovations exist, but in isolation. Despite facing common challenges, schools serving high-need students often operate in silos, perpetuating outdated pedagogical models or expending unnecessary energy working to reinvent the wheel. We all pay the price, especially students who are completing high school ill-prepared for college and career.

Our Solution

STC works with different levels of leadership within schools – principals, teachers, and students – to spread Real-World Learning that engages and inspires kids and connects education to employment. By working across sectors, we create a space where charters are true innovation labs, district schools highlight their promising practices, and independent schools share their unique work with the public sector. By engaging industry leaders, ed innovators, and higher ed leaders with urban educators, we also advance the skills and practices necessary for students to succeed in college, career, and life.


STC is proud to work with a range of innovative partners to expand opportunities and advance real-world learning for our schools and students. These partners include:


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