Where We Work

STC Chicago

STC Chicago hired its first full-time executive director in 2014. Since then, it has grown from 12 schools to over 20, has focused on increasing and diversifying its programs, and assessing its impact.

STC Newark

STC Newark fosters true cross-sector collaboration with a network of over 20 district, charter, and independent schools, who use peer-to-peer learning to accelerate student achievement.

STC New York City

STC New York City (STC NYC) is a local network of leaders from across 29 schools who are motivated to collaborate to improve their schools and close the opportunity and skills gap.

STC St. Louis

In 2016, STC hired its first Regional Coordinator to strengthen and expand a core cluster of schools and design impactful programming to support school leaders.

STC Pittsburgh

STC Pittsburgh is building unique partnerships on the ground between diverse schools and partners in order to prepare students for success beyond school.

STC Milwaukee

STC Milwaukee recruits, trains, and supports school leaders through intensive coaching and professional development designed to support school improvement so that students will receive high-quality education to prepare them for the future. The outcomes from this approach have been enormously impressive. Though born out of the Schools That Can network, STC Milwaukee recognized opportunities unique to its local landscape and established its own approach to better prepare urban students for the future. STC Milwaukee is uniquely its own 501(c)3 organization with its own staff, governance, funding, and methodology. STC Milwaukee makes their practices and knowledge available for other STC cities to learn from. We are very proud of STC Milwaukee's innovative approach to better preparing urban students for the future.