Become a School That Can

About STC’s Network

The Schools That Can (STC) Network consists of 210 schools (2021-2022) who are committed to innovative and effective practices, and support educational improvement. These schools span our core cities and beyond. Within our network, we strive to build an inclusive culture, one that encourages leaders and educators to collaborate, share, and reflect together. 

STC Network Programs & Benefits

  • STC Career Readiness Curriculum: 125 hours of comprehensive career exploration and readiness modular class units for high school students, leading to a real-world portfolio that students can take into their post-secondary transition.
  • Design Challenge: A 6-8 week project-based challenge in which middle and high school students learn design thinking and 3D design software and apply them to a real-world community need.
  • Thought Leadership Series: Throughout the year we host panels of educators, employers, and thought leaders featuring cutting edge ideas about the changing education to employment pathway and what schools can do now to best prepare their students for the future world of work. This series culminates in our National Forum, a multi-day event.
  • Collaborating as part of the STC network: Collaborative conversations and exchange of best practices around career-focused learning for students of all ages. Also a destination to uniquely share thoughts on relevant topics of interest between schools locally across sectors.