About Us

Schools That Can is a national not-for-profit network of K-12 schools in multiple cities, providing culturally-relevant career readiness programming that helps schools meet student needs. We do this through career-readiness programming, and collaborating directly with schools to make this programming accessible to every student. Our mission is for every student to graduate with career skills, credentials, and confidence to pursue fulfilling post-secondary options.

At STC’s inception, our work focused on real-world learning, including the creation of the Real-World Learning Rubric. Created in 2017, this pioneering document served as a guide to help K-12 schools reflect, set goals, and drive improvements around learning that is relevant, authentic, hands-on, and connects students to the real world. Since then, STC has furthered our work in connecting students to the real through through our education to employment (e2e) work. 

STC Milestones