Biggest Takeaways From Fall Semester

Meet Oluwasola Ogundare, Schools That Can’s first Student Board Delegate! Oluwasola, a freshman at Cornell University, will be writing a blog series for STC, tackling the transition from high school to college, career readiness, and what’s on the minds of young people today. With that, explore Olu’s first blog post below!

My fall semester at Cornell has been filled with ups and downs, but now that it has come to a close, the one word I can use to describe it is surreal. Not because anything astronomical happened, but rather because I would have never thought I could grow and learn so much as an individual in only one semester. When I went back to see how long I’ve been at Cornell, It felt like it should have been a year, but it’s only been three and a half months. On paper the semester seemed short, but when you’re chasing your dreams and trying to improve every single day and live a meaningful life, it can feel like forever. I’ve come a long way, and along with my peers, friends, and mentors, I am proud of everything we have been able to accomplish and am looking forward to everything the next semester can offer.

I have learned a myriad of lessons and gained new perspectives on life, which I could write hundreds of pages about. But there are ones that stand above the rest and have had the largest impact on my success and ability to achieve all my goals this fall semester. As you continue to grow in your own way and show the world how special you really are, I urge you to keep some things foisted onto your thoughts, ideas, and most importantly actions:

You Can’t Do Everything Alone

There is so much power in a collective compared to just an individual. When you are able to surround yourself with like minded individuals trying to achieve the same aspirations as you are, it can push you to not only do more, but see how much more you can do to improve. And even beyond the help and sharing of resources that these friends and family may give you, sometimes it helps just to hear that other people are going through the same difficulties. Knowing that others you look up to have also gone through similar challenges and shortcomings will let you see you’re not alone. Seek out these talented individuals that not only will make you better, but care about both you and your success.

Execution Is Just As Important As Strategy

For whatever goals you have set for yourself, it is important to have a plan of attack and know how you will be able to accomplish the dreams you have set out for yourself. However, strategizing about these inevitable decisions only comprises a small portion of whether or not you’re able to reach your goals. It is much more important to follow through with your aspirations and see your plan out. Sometimes it will just take throwing yourself into something to really be able to learn the most and make use out of the effective plan you have laid out for yourself. 

Give Back To Those Who Have Helped You

When I look upon my own accomplishments, there’s both a story and an important figure that has been able to help me along my journey. The same way that others have helped and invested their own time into you, it is crucial to not only make them proud by becoming the best version of yourself, but also doing the same thing for others when your success is reached. Many people have been able to achieve so much because of not only hard work, but because others took a bet on their ideas and character. There is so much potential in individuals within this world that has yet to be actualized because they may not have the same opportunities or support as others. Taking this chance on others and helping them reach their own endeavors continues the cycle of giving back and will surely help the world become a better place.

When Your Break Comes, Enjoy It

Nothing great comes without hard work and you will constantly need to spend hours improving your craft and becoming a more well-rounded specialized person. However, everyone needs a break and deserves time with their family and friends. As my own winter break is coming up, I know that I probably won’t do much, which is perfectly okay. As you get older and older, the time you have with your family and friends gets smaller and smaller due to so many other obligations and responsibilities. You don’t want to look back and regret not making the most out of the time you have in the present. With the holiday season coming up, spread joy with others and do the things that make you the most happy, because beyond the work, assignments, and tasks that constantly prelude us, it is the most important thing you must always do whenever you have the chance.