The Philadelphia School District recently announced that two business executives have been hired to oversee and provide support to the city’s public schools and a larger group of “business experts is being formed to advise the SRC on reforms in matters of operations and administration.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Mayor Nutter and Pennsylvania education secretary Ronald Tomalis said the goal “is to stabilize a district that’s been rocked by budget woes, backroom deals, a public fight over leadership and the departure of a controversial superintendent.” Read the full details of the arrangement at

Schools That Can is no stranger to this type of collaboration – several STC schools were founded by former business executives. Although by no means a necessity, business minds can often find solutions to budget problems, have contacts that can help with development and procurement of supplies and support through partnerships, and can create systems for their schools to grow – ensuring that more students receive a quality education every year.

Janie Whitney had a lucrative career in finance, but she felt her calling in life was to education. She is Co-Founder of the Trey Whitfield School in Brooklyn, one of STC’s founding Member schools.

Before John Zitzner founded Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E Prep) in Cleveland, he was the Founder and President of the Cleveland based software firm, Bradley Company. John’s school cultures an entrepreneurial spirit in its students understanding that this training teaches students how to approach life with a creative and success-minded outlook, whether they plan to own a business or work within one.