STC Newark Wins 2018 Impact100 Essex Grant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STC Newark Wins 2018 Impact100 Essex Grant (Newark, NJ, January 17th, 2019): Tuesday night, Schools That Can Newark was awarded the 2018 Impact100 Essex grant. STC Newark will receive $120,000 to build [...]

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STC Newark Design Day Round-Up

On September 28th, Schools That Can Newark proudly hosted the Third Annual Design Day Challenge & Celebration. Over the course of the day, middle schoolers, teachers, and corporate volunteers joined forces to solve a real-world [...]

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STC Newark: Advancing Our Schools

Advancing Our Schools shares various approaches to cross-sector collaboration from the 2015-2016 year, highlighting both successes and challenges faced by participants. Furthermore, written by STC Newark school leaders, partners, and staff, the publication is in itself [...]

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