Teachers at New STC School Hellenic Classical Charter School in Brooklyn, NY use the Time to Know math program which uses technology as a tool in order to provide differentiated instruction.

Many lessons are based on real-world problems that students solve by applying the concepts and skills taught in the current lesson and in previous lessons.

HCCS recently took part in a collaborative research project with the makers of Time to Know to gauge the value of the program. With the participation of 4 math teachers and 85 4th and 5th graders at HCCS, they sought to research:

* Math Knowledge and Skills: Effects of Time To Know program on HCCS students’ learning achievements – higher order thinking assessment.

* Teaching and Learning Practices in Classes: Implementation of differentiated teaching, and impact on engagement and motivation – lesson observations, teacher interviews, and reflective diaries.

* Attitudes and Perceptions: Impact on students’ and teachers attitudes and perceptions of teaching and learning – drawings, surveys, interviews, and reflective diaries.

Read the full study which includes sample problems, targeted skills, and teaching modalities.

“After using the solution to differentiate instruction for students at varying skill levels, the number of students who met the proficiency level on the NY math assessment rose by approximately 40 percent.”

Here’s what some of the teachers had to say:

“The students work independently and I can keep track of what students are working on. I can see how many times the student tried to answer the question and whether they finally got it correct or not. My role is to facilitate the learning.”

“Students enjoy the animation and some of the songs. I feel that it helps them remember and understand the concepts before working on the independent learning.”

STC School Leaders and Teachers: Do you also use the Time to Know program? Would you recommend it to other schools?