Schools That Can (STC) is becoming a leader in collaborating for a quality education.

This is particularly pertinent when a critical mass of high performing schools form in a given city. Evidence from cities such as Houston indicate that such a development forces systemic change in all schools. Communities cease to accept poor schools and student failure, when a significant number of excellent schools exist.

Therefore STC has been identifying, validating and engaging high-performing urban schools serving low-income communities, whether they be district, charter, independent or faith-based schools. STC focus’ on common attributes that produce excellent learning environments. Currently there are 55 proven schools clustered in 14 cities serving over 17,000 students. All schools enjoy strong leadership with can do cultures, academic performance and outstanding outcomes.

STC seeks to facilitate collaboration between these schools for the purpose of growing seats for quality education in their respective cities. This can be done by facilitating organic growth, and replicating or mentoring quality in emerging schools. Initiatives in this direction are beginning in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Newark, New York and Pittsburgh. This is really gaining momentum.

We think we are on to something important and worthy of attention in the national debate for reforming education in our country. At the very least, it is worth an honest try. What do you think?