Embarking that journey to college doesn’t have to be done alone. Cristo Rey, a Catholic high school in Kansas City, Missouri, offered a helping hand on July 19 at their College Send-Off Night to their recent graduates. They were greeted with hugs and handshakes as the same educators and mentors who guided them during their high school careers offered their continuance of support to the college bound students. Members of the Ladies of Charity, the Plaza Rotary Club and the Christ Community Church recognized their early days of dorm life as they bought the eager college freshmen giant laundry bags stuffed with comforters, bed linen, towels, a lamp and other necessities for dorm life. Each student even received a new book bag packed with pens, paper, notebooks, a graphic calculator, a flash drive and more school supplies. Garmin Industries purchased the essentials in aiding students and their families of the necessary tools for college. This night and the further support of Cristo Rey mentors will boost their preparation as well as their confidence for post-secondary life.