STC School Democracy Prep is committed to closing the civic education gap. The school’s mission “is to educate responsible citizen-scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.”

Founder and School Leader Seth Andrew is a contributor to the book “Teaching America: The Case for Civic Education,” and recently joined editor David Feith at the Brookings Institution in conversation “to talk about civic identity, and the state our schools have dropped to in teaching self-governance and citizenship (from The Epoch Times).”

To understand the urgency and the benefit of civic missions, take a look at these articles written as a response to the initiative:

Medill on the Hill. Save civics in school: the rallying cry at think tank talk. “‘Rigorous testing requirements often lead educators to skirt harder-to-test subjects like civics,’ they said.”

The Epoch Times. Restoring the Civic Mission of Public Schools. “The real challenge is to teach civics when new students coming in cannot read…”

National Journal. How Dedicated Are We Really? “The federal government cannot dictate AmeriCorps-like curriculum, nor can it force students to engage in civic or volunteer activities. But it can encourage civics involvement by forgiving some or all of student loans for people who work in public service. “