After being stricken with grief, one young woman decided to help others in any way she can. Raenuka Reneau from Democracy Prep felt like the only one who had ever lost anyone when her mother passed away. The 17-year old senior had a tough ordeal when her mother died of lupus back in 2011. But during her period of mourning, she was able to come up with a plan of hope and inspiration. At the end of April, she launched the Flutter Foundation, a website created to help other young people share their stories of losing someone. Difficult subjects like dealing with death, the loss of a friendship or a breakup are some examples of the pain people can share on the website. “That’s when I was able to really cope with it, when I found that people were going through the same thing as me,” she said. Through The Future Project, a group dedicated to helping high school students, she was able to help others with their grief. Ten stories have already been shared on her site. The teen hopes to get 1,000 stories before she graduates this June.