E.L. Haynes Charter School is dedicated to providing their students with sensational teaching through the Capital Teaching Residency Program. Forefronting this teacher training program with KIPP DC, E.L. Haynes has residents work side by side with lead teachers for one year where they obtain the abilities necessary to become remarkable educators in DC through widespread professional development and teacher certification.

“Outstanding teachers are the most important driver of student achievement. DC simply cannot close the achievement gap without transformational teachers in our classrooms,” said Jennie Niles, the founder and head of the school. CTR is successfully training residents to become highly effective teachers.

One hundred percent of school leaders believe their residents have a progressive influence on the schools and student accomplishment. Julian Taurozzi, a resident who just finished a Nanotechnology post-doctorate at Duke University said he “fully identified with the program and the school’s mission and values.” He said “I wanted to learn the art of teaching in an environment of excellence at a school that provides the highest level of education to each and every student,” he said.