City High Charter School has some great (and unique!) practices to share with our network. At this high school in Pittsburgh, teachers stay with the same students for four years in a practice called looping. To prepare for their experiences out of high school, all students have career planning which includes three courses covering career exploration, resumé development, interviewing skills, job/college application simulations. Career preparation culminates in a 13-week, 130 hour internship at a company, non-profit or university.

Like many STC schools, City High has classes year round.

Fitness and nutrition have been receiving a lot of media attention, and City High has seen the benefit of providing all students with fitness memberships at the local YMCA.

City High also has Effective Practices concerning its staff and governance – the school uses a Master, Expert, Journeyman and Apprentice teacher model that provides robust support mechanisms for faculty. It’s also been featured on EdWeek regarding its self made pay for performance model.

Those aren’t all! To find out more of City High’s Effective Practices, visit the website.