Election results are in and the web is covered in predictions for the next 2 years. Where does education stand?

Posts to check out:

Eduwonk. The Red Dawn! Highlights include new Senators to look out for in education reform and “Hurdles to Race to the Top?”

Education Week. GOP Gains Could Prompt Funding, Policy Shifts. “In a ‘Pledge to America’ outlining their governance plan, House GOP leaders said they would like to return federal spending to fiscal 2008 levels, before Congress approved the stimulus and the Troubled Asset Relief Program, a rescue package for Wall Street.”

The Answer Sheet, Washington Post Blog. Education policy: What will happen now? “Republicans have been nothing but obstructionist toward Obama’s domestic agenda. But many Republicans and Obama Democrats meet in the middle on key education issues, so there is some thought, including in the White House, that enough common ground can be found to reauthorize No Child Left Behind at some point in the next two years. Obama may be willing to give up a lot to get a legislative success in his last two years.”

Wall Street Journal. School Choice on Trial: A crucial case on tax credits for scholarships to religious schools. “School choice plans are proliferating around the nation, and today the Supreme Court will hear a case that could stop them cold on dubious legal grounds. In Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn, the question is whether a scholarship tax credit program that has operated in Arizona since 1997 violates the First Amendment’s clause that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.'”

Indystar.com. Gov. Daniels has GOP majorities to push agenda. “The education reforms he said he’ll now pursue include merit pay for teachers to pay the best teachers more; identifying and eliminating the worst teachers; and more options such as charter and virtual schools.”