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A 2023 report from New America on higher education reported that those surveyed believe higher ed is perceived as valuable but increasingly unaffordable. At the same time, a white paper from American Student Assistance and Jobs for the Future notes that many young people are looking for more economical and relevant on-ramps to meaningful jobs than a four-year degree. As more and more students debate the value of college, conversations on student debt, alternatives such as apprenticeships and entry-level careers, and making four-year institutions more equitable and accessible are all top of mind.

Join higher education leaders, Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University Newark, and John B. King, Jr., Chancellor of the State University of New York, in a fireside chat: The Value of Universities in Changing Times. This is a unique opportunity to learn from two of the wisest education leaders around about critical issues impacting higher education and student pathways to success. Expect to hear about:

  • The inequities embedded in and impact of student loan debt, and what universities need to do to better address cost concerns, especially for economically disadvantaged students.
  • The role of colleges and universities in job preparation, career pathways, and a productive workforce. What do universities need to do to meet these needs as more alternative pathways emerge?
  • The responsibility of institutions in preparing students to address issues that will shape their futures. How do universities play a role in preparing students to be effective public citizens?
  • The scope of degrees, credentials, and modalities in ensuring students complete postsecondary education successfully and with support. What do universities need to do to address the college completion crisis?