Yummy treats simmer through the kitchen of the Epiphany School. Thanks to Chef Sue, nutritious and delicious meals fill the stomachs of their students during lunch time. She partnered with local food organizations, farmers and vendors in order to gain fresh produce. Their variety of fruits, vegetables and recipes make a grand combination for delectable cooking. Chef Sue has even included a salad bar and fruit on every table in the lunch room.

Epiphany’s kitchen is in collaboration with Project Bread and Chef DidiEmmons from Haley House to test different recipes for Project Bread’s School Program. Chef Sue and Didi taste a different recipe on Wednesdays every week. They ask the Epiphany students for feedback and that decision regulates what recipes are going to be used in the various schools across the state of Massachusetts in 2014.

“At first, I hated the new food but now I have grown to like it,” says student Shaleeh Matthews. “I love being in my classroom and walking into the hallway to smell the delicious Harvest Chili. The smell is delightful. As soon as lunch hits, it is like a dream come true. Putting the spoonful of chili in my mouth is like putting a million bucks in my pocket. The combination of healthy ingredients is to die for and the cornbread Chef Sue makes is extremely good. I LOVE this dish, and I always make sure I know when Chef Sue is going to have it on the whiteboard. I hope you enjoy it.”

The Epiphany Harvest Chili that they have shared with us truly looks scrumptious. Check out the recipe for yourself in their newsletter here. I will absolutely try it out for myself.