School can be either a drag or a life changer for students. The type of environment present within the boundaries of this place sets up how dynamic it can be for them. For some children, the place they leave behind every morning isn’t such a pleasant place to return to in the afternoon. It’s an added responsibility, other than providing the best education for each student, to giving them an overall encouraging experience. The Epiphany School in Dorchester, MA suits up in compassionate armor in order to serve many of the needs of their student population.

Epiphany is a full-service school, combining the delivery of an excellent academic program with individualized support for each student. Through collaborative programming, the School works with students and families to address their pressing needs. Epiphany has provided full service programming since its founding because we believe that an academic program, however strong, is incomplete if a child is unable to fully utilize it because of health or general well-being. Therefore, providing full-service programming is central to Epiphany’s mission.

The specific objective of our full-service program is to deliver vitally needed medical and social services to students. This includes everything from immunizations to psychological counseling. It includes providing students with three meals each day and fitting students for new glasses. It has included helping families access support from social service agencies and assisting parents who are looking for work or housing.

In doing this work, we partner with students and their parents or guardians, serving as a conduit to many of the programs and community agencies in Boston. Full service at Epiphany requires communication and understanding between parents, students, and the School in order to encourage students’ strengths and meet their needs. Epiphany’s internal mechanism for providing full-service is the Outreach Team, a group of teachers and administrators who direct families to the appropriate agency. The School strives to make judicious choices within the limits of our human and financial resources in order to serve our families as effectively as possible.

A commitment to full-service programming enables Epiphany to fulfill the promise that we will never give up on a child. Our full-service program helps provide the varied supports each child needs to thrive. Being a full-service school connects our students and families to a larger community and brings the community to Epiphany, thereby enriching all of our lives.