The Common Core is transforming how schools across the country handle their curriculum. No one ever said it would be easy, but it’s something that many schools are choosing to take head on. It may be a challenge, but it may be a breakthrough to keeping the nation ahead in the Global Economy. Civicorps Academy is one institution ready to make sure their students are able to master this new change. Head of School Tessa Nicholas has shared with us what Civicorps is doing in their utilization of the Common Core.

Civicorps has been ahead of the curve in terms of implementation of Common Core standards. Working to re-engage disconnected students in the learning process, we work collaboratively to create rigorous, relevant cross-curricular content that reflects that knowledge and skill set necessary for college and family-sustaining careers. We use self-paced, portfolio-based requirements, on-line adaptive assessments, and project-based curriculum to inspire and challenge our students. We will continue to explore the impact Common Core alignment has on our curriculum and assessments in the weeks and months ahead and make any necessary adjustments to improve the quality of our overall program.