For this week in our Common Core Series, Holy Family Ministries lets us know the steps they’re taking to prepare for the standards. Holy Family is a Chicago based school known for nurturing the intellect of  “Go-Getters.” Their small-sized classes focus on problem-solving skills, guidance to becoming self-directed learners, growth in self-character as well as how students treat each other and much more integral skills within the school environment and for the world outside those walls.

Already exceeding in how much they contend to the development of their students, Holy Family Ministries is on the path to molding their curriculum with the Common Core. According to President of HMF Susan Work, Principal Cheryl Collins is actively participating in a study group focused on Common Core adaptation with other principals in their private school network. They are also improving their math prospectus and have bought textbooks to sync in with the Common Core. The school is also planning to buy science textbooks to further align with the standards.

Is what Holy Families is doing similar to your school’s adaptation process to the standards? What is your take on the Common Core? Sound off in the comment section below.

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