The first day of school for Milwaukee College Preparatory School was filled with a motivating and inspirational spirit for teachers, students and parents last Thursday. The three campuses were bursting in a positive atmosphere of high energy, enthusiasm and great expectations for a progressive school year. Their Lloyd Street Campus transformation was impeccable with its refurbished floors and new lighting.  CEO Robert Rauh was astounded by the support from Superintendent Thornton and the united approval from the Board committee for the school to possibly receive a 4th campus next Fall at a hearing in front of the MPS Board committee. One extremely pleased parent had this to say on the school’s Facebook page:

“I must admit, I did shed many tears this morning. My son started his new school and is surrounded by positive people who believe all students can make a difference and succeed. The first 3 years of his life were full of negativity, abuse, and neglect. I gave him all that I have and instill in him a more loving lifestyle. I NEVER have and never will give up on him. It hurts that he thinks “being bad” is cool. He and his teachers developed a relationship prior to the first day of school with a visit to the house, an open house where he chose the flowers to give them, and lots of hugs. Today, during assembly, he was respectful, compliant, and very orderly. He has such a caring spirit and I know he does not want to be BAD. I am so appreciative of all the staff at Milwaukee College Prep that I know personally and those who I feel I already know. I trust him in your care and look forward to my son becoming the young man we all would want our children to be. Education, character development, excitement, and love are all key components in schools. Thanks MCP for the start of a great year for my son and all the other scholars. Today was a proud momma day!!!”

Congratulations on such an excellent start to a bright new school year!