On April 11, Saint Mark School of the Evangelist hosted a roundtable on “Integrating Technology to Enhance Learning.” For the past several years, Saint Mark has been working with a technology coach named Sharon from Educate, LLC who has been collaborating daily with teachers to help infuse technology into classes more effectively. Principal Antwan Allen discussed how teachers learn about and interact with tech tools, and shared the schedule adjustments they have used to build in time for the school’s media specialist to teach students the tools. This is done so that content teachers can worry less about the technology and more about how students are progressing towards the project’s learning goals. Antwan and Sharon created a website for roundtable participants that enabled them to access a Prezi about technology integration at Saint Mark, as well as to see sample projects – and the planning and tools that supported them. The last portion of the Roundtable included a hands-on engineering challenge facilitated by MakerState, an organization that supports STEM learning with young kids (and an exhibitor at our Forum!) Attendees left with some great takeaways, including the recognition that “problems of technology integration are not unique; and collaboration is necessary to overcome these.”