Joel Klein is continuing to vocalize his standpoint that “schools can get much better results with th[e] same kids than they’re now generally getting.” He relayed this view in an op-ed at the Washington Post recently where Aaron Pallas responded with a largely condescending piece, calling Klein a “hoot” that “crown[s] his friends and cronies the champions of education reform.”

Klein and Pallis’ opinions differ widely on the validity of using KIPP as an example of educating low income kids and the progress that NYC is making in raising achievement levels. To read both sides here is the conversation so far:

June 10, 2011. Joel Klein. School reform’s new generation.

June 16, 2011. Aaron Pallas. Joel Klein vs. those status quo apologists.

June 23, 2011. Joel Klein. A response from Joel Klein on status quo apologists.

Joel Klein continues to have one of the most realistic viewpoints about education in big media right now. He understands that we can do much better and that it is possible because schools like yours are doing it.