Here is a question for educators, thought leaders, innovators or just about anyone passionate about education: Are we more focused on competing in the Global Economy or on providing a quality education for our kids? The discussion about how we’re treading water in the competition for the top educated countries around the world has gone on for very long. Many published articles state how we’re falling behind in the Global Race. It is important to many Americans that we stay ahead of the curve. However, we must always remember that at the end of the day, the root of the issue is about the children.

Failure is not the permanent destination for the urban youth in America. At least this is a goal we’re striving for. With the right skills, support and education, they can and will succeed. Let’s not allow the need to stay on top in the economic market cloud our sincerest goal of providing the best education for the children. I believe we will achieve the greatest possibilities for our kids if we always keep the mission about them. As passionate human beings, it is our duty to provide the best for our students in any way that we can. Let’s never forget.

The staggering statistics present about the US economy are a problem that this country is working on to fix. One of the main issues in our economy may be more than just not enough jobs. 3 million well paid skilled jobs went unfilled last year because of a lack of people to fill them. Not enough people possess the skills needed for employment. Companies are having a hard time finding the right qualified people for the job. This article in the Huffpost greatly opens up the conversation about what companies can do to finding a solution instead of fueling the problem. Passionate about the futures of ALL types of students, Schools That Can is one of those in the process of creating a pathway for career success with 21-century skills.

It’s easy to recognize that there is a major issue in the achievement gap and in our present state in the global economy. However, how can we gain any stride if we don’t remember to keep our students as the champions of our goal. With them, our country will be victorious in bountiful ways.