Project Description

Dr. Deja L. Jones

Dr. Deja L. Jones, an innovative educator and advocate, is committed to empowering Black children through education and nature-based experiences. As the Founder and Head of School at Honeypot Montessori in Newark, NJ, she bridges the gap between education and nature. With a Ph.D. from Saybrook University, specializing in Early Childhood Education Sociology, and a decade of experience in various roles, including media contributions, she’s a versatile force.

Deja’s work extends beyond the classroom as she founded #YouOkSis, a women’s wellness group, earning her recognition and awards. Her academic journey includes a B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University-Newark and an M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning Leadership from Liberty University. Her research focuses on critical issues like environmental racism, Black youth resilience, and urban community sustainability.

Deja is an active member of research networks, a conference speaker, and an ambassador for empowering teen girls. Her efforts in reforming school disciplinary policies and abolitionist approaches to education garnered recognition. She’s a recipient of prestigious awards like the Rollo May Scholarship and the Vela Education Entrepreneur Award, highlighting her commitment to education justice and equity, which forms the foundation of Honeypot Montessori.