A new book called “Listen to Our Voices” gives eight black students, ages 10 to 12 and representative of all achievement and behavior levels, the chance to be heard.

Written by Christine Beck, past president and CEO of STC member school GESU, “Listen to Our Voices” empowers eight black pre-teen boys to have a voice and to describe their own thoughts about the realities of inner-city life. The potential audience includes teachers in inner-city schools; young students who need encouragement to write and feel confident; high school students who participate in community service programs; among others.

On why she wrote the book Beck said,

“When a 10 year-old inner-city boy says, ‘I wish we had adults who would listen to us,’ we must indeed listen.  So, when two 11 year-old boys asked me to write a book with them, I surely could not walk away.”

“Listen to Our Voices” can serve as a tool to open windows of understanding and enhance the community between young inner-city boys and suburban students who do community service. An effective classroom resource, it can also serve as an inspiration for other young students to express themselves through writing.

Christine Beck is generously offering a special discount of 30-40% for STC educators and students with a minimum order of 5 copies ($10/book for 5-9 books, and $8 or $8.50/book for 10 and up + shipping). To take advantage of this offer, contact Christine Beck directly at chrisbeck710[at]gmail.com.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon. Take a look at the flyer, visit the Facebook page, and learn more about it from an article at the Philadelphia Weekly.