This spring, STC is proud to welcome 4 paid interns from Pittsburgh, Newark, and New York, who will be virtually supporting STC’s communications, marketing, and storytelling work. We’re excited for the expertise and knowledge they bring to Schools That Can, and we’re in the midst of innovative projects we can’t wait to share throughout the semester. In the meantime, get to know STC’s interns via bios and graphics created by them. 

 Funke Awotunde is a junior at MESA Charter High School in Brooklyn. She tends to crochet frequently during her spare time. She hopes to become an Aeronautic Pilot, but she enjoys being a fashion model, and is considering that as a second career option for her. She uses the media to express how much she is in love with her artistic work. During her stay in this internship, she aims to achieve many things, such as knowing how to use the media in a more progressive, marketing way that will help develop her skills and knowledge in that aspect of her career.

What are you most looking forward to with STC’s internship?
I’m very excited about this internship and it seems to be interesting. I am really looking forward to learning a lot about media and other things.