Notre Dame Middle School (NDMS) is a Catholic, all-girls school on the south side of Milwaukee serving 132 girls in grades 5-8.

NDMS graduates attend some of Milwaukee’s best college-preparatory high schools with 97% graduating high school and 75% continuing on to attend college. Notre Dame joins Bruce Guadalupe Community School, Milwaukee College Preparatory (36th Street Campus) and St. Marcus Lutheran School as the fourth school in Milwaukee to be validated by the national Schools That Can Validation Committee (VC) for Member Status. Though its leaders continually seek ways to serve their students even more, they have many effective practices to share including an extended school day & year, after-school enrichment activities and a high-impact college prep / graduate tracking program. Henry Tyson (St. Marcus Lutheran School) is among the school leaders in Milwaukee that has adopted Notre Dame’s highly successful graduate tracking program.

The NDMS after school enrichment program is mandatory for all students. More than 8 options are included throughout the 4 sessions of programming. Some stand outs are: Career Development on the Road, Mad Hot Milwaukee Ballroom, and Battle of the Books.

For more information on their after school enrichment program, check out their new school page.

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