Obama Delivers Back to School Speech. NPR:

“Some of the president’s harshest critics include teachers. Principal Anita Berger says many teachers at her school aren’t happy with the president’s support for linking their job performance to students’ test scores.”

The problem with Obama’s speech to students.
Valerie Strauss, The Answer Sheet. Washington Post:

“Unfortunately the policies that Obama’s administration has pursued in education have been focused more on establishing accountability systems for teachers and principals that are in part — sometimes very large part — linked to students’ standardized test scores.”

Obama Urges Students to Set Their Sights on College. Mark Lander, The New York Times:

“Mr. Obama acknowledged that growing up is more complicated in the digital age. “Issues that used to stay confined to hallways or locker rooms now find their way onto Facebook and Twitter,” he said, adding that he also understood that the economy was putting strains on families, with adolescents having to baby-sit for siblings while their parents work extra shifts.”