Happy New Year everyone. We hope this year will be filled with much success, progress and joy. As 2013 begins, one of our wonderful schools decided to share with us their resolution for the new year.

Young Scholars Charter School:

Shakira Smith, director of culture at our Young Scholars Charter School, always encourages students to create a vision for action over making a resolution.  Our vision for Scholar Academies is to operate 12 schools in 3 cities by 2016.  In order to actualize that vision we must inspire others to join us and to learn more about us as we continue to grow.  In 2013 we will be working hard to share our stories more broadly to inspire others to join the education reform movement, and to celebrate the successes of our students and school teams.

What a remarkable vision this school has embarked on. We wish the Young Scholars Charter School much success in their endeavors. We can not wait to hear from these stories and take in the inspiration rising from this school.

Let us know what your school’s resolution is. Email us at Trichards@schoolsthatcan.org