New beginnings are sprouting from the grounds at Maureen Joy Charter School and E.L. Haynes High School. The dilapidated Y.E. Smith School building in Durham, NC will be salvaged from its run-down state to become a beacon of educational splendor for Maureen Joy Charter School students this summer. “Many of our kids live here in this area. Part of our vision is that we want to demonstrate that a school can be a transformative force here,” said Alex Quigley, principal of the school. The $10 million project will restore the building to provide new advancements for the student body and possibly cleanse the image of the surrounding damaged neighborhood from further decay.

The high school students from E.L. Haynes Public Charter School began the New Year in a fresh new setting. Due to the support of many members in their thriving DC community, the students have a beautiful new venue for educational activities to blossom.

Each of these schools are on their way to continuing the year in a renewed atmosphere that’s brimming with bright young pupils ready to learn.

Info Source for Maureen Joy