Kathy Egmont, Former Head of Children’s Storefront in New York City, discusses how education can change children and parents’ lives. Some of the challenges include the minutia of every day life, such as getting children to and from school, health issues, low expectations, and challenging home lives. The school views success holistically and measures it via personal behavior and accountability; effort; test scores; and the ability to get into a great high school.

Ms Egmont has a M.Ed. in School Administration from BU and has been a school administrator for nearly 30 years. With some experience directing preschools in affluent suburban locations, the bulk of her experience has been in low income, inner city, urban settings. As co-founder of Community Day Charter School in Lawrence, MA and most recently, for 9 years, as the Head of School at the Children’s Storefront, a tuition free, independent school in Harlem, she is committed to the work of closing the achievement gap and giving every child the opportunity to succeed, set high goals and achieve them. While focused on academic success in every part of the school, Ms Egmont works to build a culture of learning that motivates, sustains and encourages every child to believe that they can do it, to see themselves making progress and never to give up. Building strong relationships with parents and teachers alike is part of creating that collegial, positive environment. Currently Ms. Egmont is Head of School at Lowell Community Charter Public School in Lowell MA. Ms. Wendy Reynoso is the current Head of School at The Children’s Storefront.