A recent study from the Center for American Progress concludes that teachers’ expectations for their students are strongly correlated with students’ graduation rates. Unfortunately, the study also says that teachers don’t necessarily have high expectations for all of their students, especially poorer students and those of color. In particular, the study found:

High school students whose teachers have higher expectations about their future success are far more likely to graduate from college.

Secondary teachers have lower expectations for students of color and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

College-preparation programs and other factors that support higher expectations are significant predictors of college graduation rates.

While this study focused on secondary, we know expectations matter from the very beginning, and our work from early childhood onward shapes the aspirations and ability of all students. At Schools That Can, our tagline is Because Students Can – a belief we know is shared strongly by all the schools in our network!  Keep up the important and life-changing work of believing in our students!

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