Our upcoming events and initiatives are designed to help you become more empowered educational leaders, ultimately empowering your students – our most important stakeholders. You are Schools That Can. We’re here to serve you. You drive our programming. You make our network strong. We NEED your voices in order to grow our community, and quality education across NYC.


From November through January, STC collaborated with 3 of its high-performing elementary schools to present a Study Tour Series on Critical Thinking in Elementary Schools. Hellenic Classical Charter School, The Active Learning Elementary School (TALES- PS244Q), and The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning, all showcased their effective practices in promoting critical thinking among students. Hellenic presented their work on Paideia Socratic Seminars, PS244 showcased their implementation of Thinking Maps, and Bronx Better Learning highlighted the Gattegno method of Mathematics education. All practices span across grades and content levels, and are credited for the schools’ high levels of student achievement. The lively tours also included valuable time spent with students, including a student panel at Hellenic, in-class conversations at TALES, and students teaching a hands-on workshop at Bronx Better Learning! Check out resources from the tours here.


STC Maker Fellows’ school-based maker spaces are in full effect! Working with students in grades 2-6, educators from VOICE, St. Mark the Evangelist, Hellenic, and Bronx Community Charter are meeting with one another and students weekly to develop student understanding of the design process, vocabulary relating to circuitry, and soft skills including perseverance, communication, and collaboration in a hands-on way. All Fellows are currently in the planning stages of school-based “pop-ups,” where students will showcase their work in their school communities. Stay tuned for more info as the fellowship unfolds!


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